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Longray Pulse-jet Thermal Fogger (2nd-gen Enhanced)

A well-made thermal fogger, built from stainless steel and viton parts. Sprays fog faster, finer, and further than cold/ULV foggers.

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Thermal fogger: A powerful fogger that makes finer droplets (0.5-50.0 micron droplets) than Cold/ULV foggers, and sprays farther (20-115 ft) and faster (11.1 oz/min). Buyer should be comfortable operating a loud, gasoline-powered machine.

High-end configuration of the Longray Pulsejet 2nd-gen that includes 1.0, 1.2 mm nozzles, extra-durable tank, and reinforced shielding cage.

Built to last: The pulse-jet engine is reliable and low-maintenance, with no moving parts. Fuel and solution tank made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Cooling jacket and protective safety shield are also stainless steel. All seals, gaskets, and diaphragms in contact with the solution are made from Teflon or Viton.

Compatibility: Works with pesticides, disinfectants, fogging agents meeting these requirements

Manufacturer support: 1 year warranty. U.S.-based technical support. Replacement parts available.

This is a thermal fogger that runs on gasoline, and is intended for those who have experience operating thermal foggers or professionals. For first-time users, we instead recommend one of our ULV foggers. Before purchase, please be sure you are comfortable working with a thermal fogger -- there are no open box returns for this product. View the accompanying training DVD before starting, and contact us if you need help.


Data sheet

Droplet size
0.5-50.0 micron
Spray distance
20-115 ft
Flow rate
11.1 oz/min
1.6 gal
17.4 lb
53.9 x 10.6 x 12.2 in
4 x D batteries
Weight (shipping)
29 lb
Working pressure
0.2 bar
Engine power
25.2 hp
Fuel consumption
0.4-0.5 gal/hr
Fuel capacity
0.4 gal

Specific References


Works with pesticides, disinfectants, fogging agents meeting these requirements: (1) oil-based (preferred) or water-based, and (2) labeled for thermal fogger use. Here are some examples (there are many more):

For general pests:

For mosquitos:

  • Permanone 30-30
  • Anvil10+10
  • Duet
  • PyroFos 1.5 ULV
  • Permanone 10% EC
  • Zenivex E20
Product manual: PDF

Product quickstart: PDF

Returns: Returns of never-opened boxes accepted within 30 days (15% restocking fee). Open-box returns accepted only if manufacturer at fault (no restocking fee).

Warranty: 1 year